FPNiK - Foundation for Promoting Science and Creativity

logo chinskie kolor angielskie       Foundation aims at education, promoting science, helping in developing scientifical interest and creativity among children and youngsters, creating democratic society, free from intolerancy and discrimination.


      Projects implemented by the Foundation

  • ›"It's better to understand than to hate" within the EEA Grants (Citizens for Democracy - Children and Youth) with Hordaland County in Norway. Its aim is to create groups of youth leaders that carry on the actions against intolerance, verbal aggression, hate speech in the Internet.
  • ›"Multicultural Identity of the Nowy Sącz Region" (programme "Małopolska Patronage") is aimed at preparing the programm and didactic materials for teachers about the national and cultural diversity of our region.
  • Project of Bilateral Cooperation with Norsk Folkehjelp in Bergen, Norway within the EEA Grants. Exchanges of experiences in actions against intolerance, workshops for Polish teachers and students.
  • "My Friend Robot " project within the Grant Programme of City Nowy Sącz, promoting knowledge about programming robots amoung pupils in lower secondary schools in Nowy Sącz.

Project Active Communities for Europe

logo active communities for europe       The Project Active Communities for Europe was submitted to European Commission for Europe for citizens programme, Action 1. - Active Citizens for Europe, Measure 2.1.-Citizens projects. The main aim of the A.C.E. project is to support active participation of citizens to the EU democratic life and through the innovative and non formal education method, the Theatre of the oppressed, public discussions, media promotion, involvement of kindergartners and many other activities.

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